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ŠK Slovan Bratislava historical authentic jersey

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This jersey from the early 1940s, is an authentic replica of the original. It was worn by the stars of European and world football of their time - Ladislav Kubala, Ferdinand Daučík, Viktor Tegelhoff, Ivan Chodák, Michal Vičan or the best shooter in Slovans history – 146 times scoring Ján Arpáš, but also other important personalities in our clubs history.

Based on the realities of that time and several months of research in authentic historical documents by an art tailoring manufactory based in Slovakia, technologies and materials used in the production of this jersey were exact imitations of the original process. Materials used for the production of these jersey replicas are by their composition, colouring and appearance resembling the original ones as much as possible. Identification elements, such as the club logo, are made by hand. The art manufactory also uses artificial aging techniques, thanks to which even more significant credibility and conformity with the historical original of the jersey can be achieved.

This limited edition with an original serial number directly on the jersey@apos;s certificate is a guarantee of the uniqueness of each piece and gives the whole series a collector value and attractive exceptionality.

By purchasing this jersey, you also contribute to maintaining our club@apos;s rich history. Together we are Slovan!

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Weight (circa):

600 gram


100% cotton

149,90 129,90


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